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Hijacking – what’s your plan?

Hijacking… have you ever given it any thought? I can tell you that in all our travels, we have never given it a second thought.

We live in a beautiful country, which we love to explore. Whether that is taking a day trip up the West Coast to look at the flowers, or a 2 week trip up to the Namibian border and back, we love our drives exploring our country. We love to try out a new 4×4 course; it’s a family tradition to have picnics on the side of the road; I love to park by the beach on a cold and blustery day and watch the waves crash over the rocks and on the shore.

Sawdust and High Heels - Road trips
Old Instagram posts from some of our travels – never once did we even think to worry about being hijacked.
Sawdust and High Heels - Road trip 7
One of the rare times I’ve been nervous on a road trip – the fan belt snapped just outside of Port Elizabeth. I was nervous that we would be robbed though, not hijacked! We were lucky enough to be able to roll (literally) into a secure industrial park. They locked us safely within the grounds while we waited for a new fan belt to be delivered.

I get so mad when I am reminded that, while gallivanting through this country of mine, I have to take precautions. We shouldn’t drive at night, especially in areas that we don’t know; we have to make sure that the places that we stay at have sufficient security; now you are telling me that I also need to have a plan in the event that we are hijacked?! Are you f$#$ing kidding me??

I wish that I was. I really wish that I was. Unfortunately, I’m not. Hijackings are on the rise in this country and are showing no signs of slowing down.

This fact was really brought home to me recently, when I was lucky enough to attend the Ford South Africa Driving Skills For Life training. This was thanks to the awesome Mandy Lee Miller, the powerhouse behind #carseatfullstop, who invited me! One of the demonstrations was presented by MasterDrive on what to do in the event of a hijacking. It really hit home for me because we had never given it any thought! My mind started racing. What would we do?!

Sawdust and High Heels - Road trip 8.jpg
Do you and your family have a plan in the event of a hijacking?

You can believe me when I tell you that I went home, a bit freaked out to be honest, and told Hubs that we needed to come up with a plan. Our kids need to know what that plan is and we all need to be on the same page should something happen.

Today’s post is really just to highlight to you that this is something that, if you live in South Africa, you need to consider. Because as much as it grinds your gears that you have to even consider it a possibility, you should. As much as you can think, or hope, or pray, that it will never happen to you; you can’t bank your life on that.

Research it.

If you are interested in finding out more and attending a course on what to do, please contact MasterDrive. They have a full-on course where they take you through what to do in the event of the hijacking.

What is your view on this topic? I would love to hear from you.

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