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My blogging journey – 4 months in

4 months! Can you believe it? I have been blogging for 4 months!! I’m really enjoying every second of it and I’m finding myself wanting to share more and more with you…

My main focus is on home decor and DIY, which I love to do and to share and, while this will always remain a major part of my blog, I want to share so much more with you: my blogging journey, travel, camping, gardening (or learning to), maybe even beauty or parenting! Who knows?! This is my life, and my blog, so I can share whatever I want, right?!

Oh, but no! You have to stick to your niche Stacy. Stay in your lane. Otherwise you won’t be successful in this journey.

Ah, there’s that word. Success. What is it success? Is it fame? Fortune? Perhaps it’s a combination of both?

According to the Oxford dictionary, success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, the good or bad outcome of an undertaking.

So what is the aim of this blog? My aim is to inspire you to try new things and to prove to you that it doesn’t matter where you live, what the size of your house is, or what your budget is, you can live in a beautiful home. No matter the size of your garden or outside space, it can be magical. I want to show you the beautiful country that I live in, with the hope that you will explore it if you get the opportunity. I want to share what I’ve learned in my blogging journey with the hope that this would help you should you wish to embark on a similar one. Lastly, I want to show you glimpses into our daily lives so that we can share and learn from each other.

What is my measure of success going to be? Well, I know that I will be successful if you are enjoying the content that I put out there for you, whether that be the mistakes that I made designing my kitchen, how to DIY a pallet wall, a post on a recent weekend away,  a recent parenting fail, a favourite new beauty product, or my latest learnings or discoveries along my blogging journey.

How will I know that you are enjoying it? Well, I sure hope that you will tell me, whether that be a comment on a recent blog post or on Instagram or Facebook, an e-mail to me on a post that you enjoyed; a note on something that you can commiserate on; or a message on something that you would like to see from me in the future.

With so much that I’m wanting to share, I hope that you, my beautiful reader, don’t think that I’ve lost all my marbles or that you feel that there is no rhyme or reason to this blog. I’m going to do my best to keep things in order! So, I will be adding new sections to my Menu as I diversify. For my first new section, “My Blogging Journey”, I will be documenting this journey and what I’ve learned so far.

So, what have I learned so far? I remembered that it’s okay to be you, whoever that may be. I’ve learned that it’s okay to change direction. In fact, it can be the best thing that you could do. Just remember to revel in the learning and enjoy the marvelous journey! After all, isn’t that what life is all about? 😉


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