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DIY: From Daybed to Porch Swing

If you caught my post on the second challenge in our #romancingthehome series, you would know that I have a DIY porch swing in my 70s box of a house. Today’s post is a short summary of how Hubs and I created it.

But first, let me give you a bit of background. When I first joined Pinterest, I would spend hours and hours drooling over all the gorgeous farmhouses with the stunning decor and views for days. But out of all that inspiration, there was one thing that I really, really wanted. A big ole’ porch swing. Somewhere where we could laze around while chatting, reading, or napping. I was obsessed. I needed one. Like now! And I had the perfect space for it. That in itself was a miracle, since our house is a bit on the small side!

Luckily, it didn’t take any convincing to get Hubs onto the same page. He was on board immediately, something which doesn’t always happen with my crazy schemes. Especially when it involves a lot of work on his part!

Since I couldn’t find a ready-made swing that suited my taste, we (ahem, he) needed to make one. We decided to buy a plain pine daybed and modify it. We started off by chopping the legs off and priming and painting it. Hubs then drilled holes in the arm rests to thread rope through and secured this at the bottom.

Porch swing ropes - From daybed to porch swing - Sawdust and High Heels
Hubs threaded the ropes through holes he drilled in the arm rests and then secured them at the bottom of the daybed/swing

To hang the swing, he used 2 beams secured across 3 of the beams supporting the roof and then secured the ropes to these beams to hang the swing. This was to to ensure that the weight of the swing and anybody sitting on it would be distributed evenly and that no one beam had to support the whole load.

How to hang a porch swing - From daybed to porch swing - Sawdust and High Heels
We used some heavy duty bolts to secure the swing’s beams to the roof’s beams.

What we hadn’t realised when we bought it, was that the day bed was narrower than a standard single bed. This meant that the single bed foam mattress we bought was too big! We needed to cut it down and cover it again – Hubs cut it down and I… wrapped a fitted sheet around it hahaha. I still need to make a cover.

DIY from daybed to porch swing 2 - Sawdust and High Heels
I don’t need to make a cover, right? Surely you can’t tell that the mattress underneath has been hacked up to make is narrower? Hahaha

That’s it – a quick summary of how we made our porch swing. We may not have a porch or a view to look out over, but we have a big, comfy swing which is perfect for lazing on. In winter, we light the fire, close the blinds and lie in each other’s arms while sipping our wine, just listening to the rain pound the roof. In summer, we put a fan on and catch an afternoon nap in the cool breeze. There is nothing quite like it.


1 thought on “DIY: From Daybed to Porch Swing

  1. It feels always great to see people are sharing their experiences and good things with others. I love your ideas, they are lovely.

    Most of the people are spending their time at home and the porch swings are one of the most important thing now, no doubt.

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