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DIY: Brass tap optics for your bar

Hubs decided to create these industrial tap dispensers (or brass tap optics as I like to call them) for the bar he is in the process of finishing. I thought that they looked rather cool and felt compelled to share with you how he made them 😀 . Just in case you wanted to know 😉

I’m going to try and summarise as best I can how he did it. This is because he can’t actually tell me. He just “winged it”. Great.

Tools he used:

  • Pipe cutter
  • Dremel

Shopping list (you can get most of these items at Builders):Parts to create a bar dispenser - brass tap optics - Sawdust and High Heels

  1. brass tap
  2. 1/2 inch brass wall plate
  3. 15 mm brass T-piece
  4. 15 mm brass male coupling
  5. 28 mm female coupling
  6. Rubber insert from tot dispenser (he bought a cheap tot dispenser and just took it apart to get the rubber insert)
  7. 15 mm brass elbow
  8. 15 mm copper piping
  9. 15 mm brass stopper

Right, so now we have all our pieces, we just have to put them together!

How to do it:

  1. Using a pipe cutter, cut your copper pipe into lengths, based on where you want to position the bottle. He went with the following:
    a. 400 mm
    b. 85 mm
    c. 65 mm
    d. 30 mm
  2. Take your brass stopper and have a look inside. Do you see that brass lip?Brass stopper with lip - brass tap optics - Sawdust and High Heels
    You are going to remove that!
  3. Using the following dremel tool, grind the lip out:Dremel tool to remove lip - brass tap optics - Sawdust and High HeelsYou should be left with a brass stopper that looks like this:Brass tap without lip - brass tap optics - Sawdust and High HeelsPut to one side, we’ll come back to that later 🙂
  4. Attach your rubber insert (no. 6) to the 85 mm length of copper pipe (b. in the top diagram) and put to one sideRubber insert on copper pipe - brass tap optics - Sawdust and High Heels
  5. Marry your male (no. 4) and female (no. 5) couplings… yes, I just wrote that! I’m giggling like a teenager hahahaMarrying the couplings - brass tap optics - Sawdust and High Heels
  6. Thread the copper pipe with the rubber insert through the couplings. Seriously – how am I typing this?? hahahahaConstructing brass tap optics 1 - Sawdust and High Heels
  7. Attach your brass T-piece (no. 3) to the bottom of the male (no. 4) couplingConstructing brass tap optics 2 - Sawdust and High Heels
  8. I’ve combined a few steps here:
    Attach copper pipe c. to the T-piece (no.3) and the brass elbow (no.7).
    Then attach copper pipe a. to the other end of the elbow.Constructing brass tap optics 3 - Sawdust and High Heels
  9. To finish up:
    Use copper pipe b. to connect the T-piece (no.3) to the brass wall plate (no.2).
    Attach your tap (no.1) to the brass wall plate (no.2).
    Add your stopper (no.9) to the top of copper pipe a.Constructing brass tap optics 4 - Sawdust and High Heels

And that’s it, a basic form for you brass tap optic 🙂

Just 2 things to note:

  • The tap is turned to the left in this picture, just to show the detail of the finish puzzle; when you mount it, the tap will face forward.
  • You may also want to use a sealant when attaching the tap to prevent unnecessary spillage as well, test it out when you mount it to see if it’s necessary.

The finished product:

Hubs mounted this to the shelving on his bar and shoved a bottle on it! It works great, although it doesn’t actually measure a tot – if you leave that tap open, it’s just going to keep on filling your glass! Just a warning hahaha 😀 .

Brass tap optics 2 - Sawdust and High Heels
A full size view of what the completed optic looks like once its been mounted. I like the industrial-ness of it!

I’ve always been weary of having a bar in my home, because the traditional way of decorating a bar is really just not my vibe. However, I’m quite liking the built-in that Hubs has put together and the industrial touches he is adding. I can’t actually wait to show you the finished product!

How you feel about having a bar in your home? Yay or Nay?

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