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My blogging journey – 7 months in

I’ve been blogging for 7 months. 7 months! Where has the time gone?! It’s been quite the adventure too, I’ve continued to push myself so far out of my comfort zone that I hardly recognise myself! I mean, what kind of introverted, generally shy person, decides to go to meet ups, or blogging workshops or events where she knows no-one all on her own?! If you had told me even 5 months ago that that would have been me, I would not have believed you. I would have told you that you are speaking nonsense. I don’t go to places that I don’t know, with people that I don’t know. It just never happens!

Well, it did. And let me tell you, I’m so glad that it did! I have met some of the most awesome people through this blogging community and events. People who build each other up, instead of tearing each other down. Friends who are willing to support you and be there for you. People who will answer all your “silly little questions” with patience and grace. All this, because I listened to that nudge to just do it.

Do you know what else I have discovered about myself? I think that I might just be a little bit in love with photography! Okay, so maybe my Instragram feed might have given you that idea. Or perhaps my photo-loaded blog posts hint at it (I had to upgrade my plan with my web host because I was running out of storage space!). But, I just thought that taking decent photos was just part of the job. Part of what I needed to do in order to share my content.

I didn’t realise that I might actually have a bit of talent that could be nurtured into something greater. I feel a bit conceited just typing that sentence, but you know what? It’s about time that we acknowledge our God-given talents and stop trying to play them down. God gave them to us and we should use them as He intended.

So, what am I going to do with this epiphany? I can’t ignore it now that I’ve had it. Well, for starters, I’m going to try and learn to use Hubs’ Canon DSLR camera without asking him for help every 5 seconds. Since my parents gifted me a new lens for my birthday (in June 😱) I should probably put that to good use too! So, my plan is to shoot most of my Christmas decor and blog posts with that camera. I didn’t know that that was my plan until I typed that 5 seconds ago! I could go back and delete it, but where is the fun in that?! You will have to hold me to account, okay? Thanks!

From there, who knows where I will go… Styled product shoots? That sounds like a good plan, since I sort-of do those already with my Instagram account and I have had the opportunity to do a product shoot before.

Nectarine - table setting - Sawdust and High Heels
Gorgeous napkin and table cloth from Threads That Bind Us.
Protea wreath table cloth Threads That Bind Us - Sawdust and High Heels
Just look at the detail in that stitched protea wreath – Leila from Threads That Bind Us is super talented!

Kids photo sessions? Those are always fun with my own kids, but am I able to create that connection and get those shots of other kids? I’m not so sure.

Jasper photo session - Sawdust and High Heels
I used the DSLR for this one – still need a lot of practice, but I shall get there!
Durbanville Rose Garden 7 - Sawdust and High Heels (2)
I just knew that this wall would make an awesome backdrop! This photo was shot this photo with my trusty Samsung Note 8.

Family photos? Maternity shoots? I have never attempted one of those before, so I have no idea! I’m going to take this one step at a time and see where this path takes me…

I have no idea where this blogging journey is taking me. Or what path I’m going to take. Yes, I have planned content and ideas for posts that I want to publish, but I’m flexible in that plan – I’m going to continue to look out for those nudges and take chances on them. It’s worked for me so far!

Now it’s your turn to share something about yourself with me. What is one of the things that you love or are passionate about? What drives you in your work or hobbies? Leave me a comment below and let’s chat 😊

4 thoughts on “My blogging journey – 7 months in

  1. It’s hard to believe your blog is only seven months old; it’s too awesome to be that new!

    Have you tried the Smush plugin? It reduces the size of your overly large photos and might help bring your website size down.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind feedback Ashley! I now have the smush plugin, but I decided to upgrade anyway – I really didn’t have a lot of space!

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