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Butternut Soup: My favourite Autumn comfort food

With Autumn just around the corner, it’s only fitting that this week’s #romancingthehome theme is our favourite Autumn comfort food. And let me tell you, you are in for such a treat! Since we all choose our own take on themes, we are always just as surprised as you when we see what each other have created and this week is no exception – We have managed to create a dream Autumn feast; from starters all the way through to dessert! And all with a South African flair, of course πŸ˜€


Mine would be the starter: Butternut Soup. I absolutely adore a good butternut soup with freshly baked bread (I usually get the heat&eat Portuguese rolls from Woolies – they are so worth it). I could live off butternut soup through the winter months and it doesn’t hurt that Woolies sells it in perfect serving sizes, for serving and for freezing πŸ˜‰

I love it so much, that it was the starter at our (winter) wedding which was nearly 16 years ago. It’s my go-to autumn/winter supper when I’m in a bind and need to get supper done. Oh, and it is a firm favourite with the family, so that’s a definite win!

But this week, I decided to try something different. I made some myself and, let me tell you, it was worth the effort. From 1 large butternut, 2 apples, 2 onions, some stock and milk, I managed to create a pot of soup big enough to serve 12; wow!

Autumn favourite - Butternut Soup - Sawdust and High Heels (2)
A few simple ingredients to create the most delicious and budget friendly soup ever!

The recipe

I used this recipe from with just a few tweaks:

  • I substituted the orange with lemon juice, because I forgot to buy an orange
  • I didn’t have cumin or nutmeg, so I just left it out
  • I used extra heaped measures of the medium strength curry powder, because I like a little bit of a bite in my soup
  • I used the Knorr stockpots instead of what the recipe called for, again because that’s what I had

Can you tell that I generally wing it? Maybe this is why I’m not always the most successful cook 🤔 I did follow the method though, so that’s got to count for something, right?

The result…

It was delicious! My family devoured it! I even served it as a starter to our friends at our boerewors braai – it was an absolute hit. I’m not even going to have enough left over to freeze, so I’m going to have to make more 😮

Autumn favourite - Butternut Soup - Sawdust and High Heels (5)
Fresh homemade butternut soup with Woolies Heat&Eat Portuguese rolls… the perfect combo!
Autumn favourite - Butternut Soup - Sawdust and High Heels (1)

The biggest downside of this is the peeling and the chopping of the butternut. It took me forever. But, if I weigh up the cost between making my own and buying fresh from Woolies… it’s definitely worth taking the time to chop the butternut. Next time I’ll just make sure that Hubs is around to help 😂

The other courses

Are you ready to see what my friends came up with? You are in for a treat – if your weren’t hungry before reading these posts, you will most definitely be after checking these out:


I’ve added a glossary for my non-South African friends:

  • Boerewors – South African sausage usually made with a combination of ground beef and pork and spiced to perfection. My favourite is the traditional type flavoured with coriander seeds, nutmeg and cloves.
  • Braai – barbecue over the fire
  • Potjie – A stew/dish made in a dutch oven over the braai; the best potjies are the slow-cooked ones with friends – any excuse to sit around a fire with a glass of wine and hours of fantastic conversation, right?!

So, was I right? Are you hungry yet? Me too! hahaha

What is your favourite autumn recipe/comfort food? I would love to hear from you!

Stacy - Sawdust and High Heels

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