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Sunday Meanderings – Derdesteen, Blouberg

I’ve been thinking, I know that I promise to share our day trips and road trips with you, but for some reason I don’t include the smaller ones – the ones to the beach or to the park. So, I’m going to introduce “Sunday Meanderings” to the travel section of this blog. It’s a place for me to include some tips and ideas of what you could do together as a family, even if you only have an hour or two free on the weekend. I hope that you will find it useful.

Why “Sunday”? Well, that’s the day that we usually do our family outings. That’s not to say that I’m not going to include trips taken on other days of the week though!

Today I’m sharing Derdesteen, Blouberg.

Where is Derdesteen?

It’s situated between the 2 popular areas of Big Bay and Melkbos. We love going here because the beach is stunning, the view is world class (literally – hello Table Mountain!), but it’s a bit quieter than the 2 more popular beaches that flank it.

It’s a bonus if you get to visit on one of those Cape Town rarities: a perfectly warm, storm free, winter’s day! Just bear in mind, this is the Atlantic ocean, so the water is cold. Very, very cold! So maybe keep the paddling in the waves for the warmer months! (It should also go without saying – paddle safely; the rip tide can be quite strong and this beach does not have lifeguards on duty.)

Things to pack

If we just want to pop down for a quick visit to let the kids and dog get rid of some pent up energy, we take some necessities with us:

  • Water bottles – one or two for humans, and one for dog – and juice
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Picnic Blanket (I love mine from Yuppie Gift Boxes, which I ordered through Takealot)
  • Umbrella (we have a really cheap on from Checkers, but it does the job)
  • Bucket and spade for the kids
  • Poop bags for the dog
  • Extra clothes and a towels for kids and dog

We do try to keep the paraphernalia down to a minimum, but the last time we went, we took camping chairs with us as well and it was a game changer!! Hubs and I laughed and laughed at ourselves and about the fact that we are at the age where we need proper chairs when going to the beach.

Derdesteen Blouberg
They don’t need a lot to keep themselves entertained – a bucket and spade is plenty!
Derdesteen Blouberg
A teeny umbrella, a picnic blanket and a Karrimor for all the extras!
Derdesteen Blouberg
Niknaks and Tropica – this kid is easily satisfied, snackwise!

That’s it, really. We pick a spot close to where we’ve parked, so we don’t have to lug all our stuff up and down the beach. Hubs and I can relax and chat while watching the kids and dog run around like crazies.

So, next time you’re looking for a quick escape, why not give Derdesteen, Blouberg a go? Or, if that’s not an option,  find a beach or park where you can just get out and experience nature and bond with your family. It really is the best!

Until next time,

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