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Sunday Meanderings – Winelands Light Railway

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you would have seen my recent post about Winelands Light Railway, situated just outside of Stellenbosch. A few weeks ago, my mom sent Hubs and I a link for a relatively new thing-to-do-with-kids nearby – riding mini trains! I can remember riding them as a kid, but haven’t yet given my kids the same opportunity.

So, as part of my son’s birthday celebrations, we decided to try them out.

Winelands Light Railway - Stellenbosch
Here we go!

Here is what you should know:


The cost was R 50 per person per ride, or R 100 per person for unlimited rides for the day. Since we were there with kids, the obvious choice was the R 100. (*cost as at 29/12/2019.)

The trains:

Winelands light railway steam trains
2 of the steam trains

The park has a total of 7 trains (if I recall correctly) of which 2 were operating on the day: a fuel and a steam engine.

The ride:

Over the bride - Winelands Light Railway
Ooh what’s underneath us?! The kids were fascinated with the bridge.

It comprises a circular train track which includes a station, a bridge and a tunnel; all very entertaining for the littles. Also, I was able to ride along quite comfortably with the kids (something that I have to take into serious consideration since I’m on the larger side of the scale). Most importantly, the kids absolutely loved it!

Winelands Light Railway
Look at me, Mom!
Through the tunnel - Winelands Light Rail
Through the tunnel we go
Winelands Light Rail
Mom went for a ride too 🙂

Food and drinks:

There are few food trucks sprinkled around the lush, green lawns. Perfect for grabbing something to eat and drink and then finding a cool spot under one of the young trees. I would say that the costs for food and drinks are average for food trucks – so not that cheap, but manageable. There are picnic tables dotted around, but we chose to sit on the grass – a proper picnic feeling!

I didn’t take photos of this portion of the day – I was too busy being lazy and lying under a tree!

Other things to do:

Let's ride a rhino - Winelands Light Railway
It’s not everyday that you can ride a rhino!

They have a wooden jungle gym and play house, which entertained the kids for a good long while, in between wanting to ride the trains of course. There is also a collection of vintage tractors on exhibition in the hall, which I found quite interesting.

Vintage tractors - Winelands Light Railway
Some of the vintage tractors; I love the history of them… I would love to hear their stories!

In short:

I’d say take the kids and go and check it out – they can ride the trains and have ample space to run free and burn all their excess energy. A win-win in my book!

Until next time,

Stacy - Sawdust and High Heels

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