About Me

Stacy van Zyl - Sawdust and High Heels
One of these day’s I will get around to having some professional head shots done. For now, it’s a DIY selfie! Fitting, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰

Hi there,

I am Stacy, the photographer and blogger behind Sawdust and High Heels; I am so glad that you stopped by!

Let’s see, what can I tell you about myself? I was born, and still live, in Cape Town, South Africa. While we have traveled the length and breadth of most of the country, I live about 5 kilometers away from my childhood home. This should be enough of an indication of my homebody-ness!

I am a mom to two wonderful, beautiful and, at times, impossible, kids and a wife to one patient, fantastic and yes, at times impossible, husband. I must say that he will probably read this, shake his head, and tell me that who the impossible one in the relationship is is up for debate. He may be right on that one, but then again, he may be wrong… πŸ˜‰

When I am not working as a photographer or manager in the financial services industry, you will most likely find me at home in my oldest and most paint splattered clothes, persuading said patient and fantastic husband to tackle some or other new project that I have dreamed up after spending way to much time over on Pinterest or Instagram. Or, when that patient and fantastic husband has had enough of my crazy schemes, you will find us driving around the Western Cape. We love to discover new places to eat, play, stay and shop.

The reason that I started this blog was to share budget friendly tips, tricks and lessons learned from our DIY and home decor projects. I must stress that I am by no means a professional interior decorator, most of our projects have been trial and error (hence me sharing ‘lessons learned’!). I am just a woman who wanted to make her 70s townhouse a home on a shoestring budget.

My goal is that will be an informative and helpful source to you. I want to inspire you to give some of these projects a try and that you share the outcomes with me. I would also love for you to pop me an e-mail or leave me a message in the ‘contact’ page with what you are specifically looking for or what you need help with. This will help me make sure that I am publishing content that will be just that – informative and helpful!

Oh, I will also be sharing bits and pieces of our life, which includes travel, camping, beauty, blogging and, who knows, maybe even some fashion finds one day. The key for me is to share DIY and/or budget friendly options for you.Β  If you have any suggestions or ideas of what you would like to see, you know where to find me πŸ™‚

Thanks again for stopping by and don’t be shy now – come back any time, even if it’s just to say Hi!